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Ankle arthritis is a form of inflammation which is caused from ankle cartilage injury. This could be from a ankle fracture, bad ankle sprain or recurrent ankle sprains/rolling of the ankles. The post traumatic ankle osteoarthritis is generated following severe injury. Sometimes, if left untreated, the injury develops the post traumatic arthritis permanently. So it is quite essential to consult your doctor and take the proper treatment. There are in excess of 100 types of joint inflammation, large numbers of which influence the foot and lower leg. Ankle arthritis can make it hard to walk and perform exercises you appreciate. As the issue of arthritis is serious as it can cause much pain and suffering for you, so consult your doctor for the treatment. We have the best physicians at Harlis Family Foot and Ankle in Port Saint Lucie who can treat your issues effectively.

What are treatments for Ankle Arthritis?

What patients sometimes call “Broken ankle arthritis” or more appropriately in the medical community known as Post traumatic arthritis can be tough for your daily routine. This is usually the sequelae of a previously fractured ankle that may have been fixed correctly, but because of the injury to the cartilage, is now causing inflammation within the ankle joint. The ankle does not have to have been previously fractured. It could have also just been badly injured from a sprain. Either way the symptoms are the same, so it is quite essential to know the symptoms of ankle sprain arthritis. With appropriate treatment, many individuals with joint inflammation can deal with their pain, stay dynamic, and live satisfying lives.

Outside of surgery, there is no solution for arthritis and that is simply because the cartilage damage in ankle has been done.. However the inflammation surrounding the damaged cartilage can be treated and assist with alleviating symptoms.

Nonsurgical Treatment:

  1. Changes in lifestyle: A few changes in your day to day routine can assist with Slowing down joint inflammation and slow the movement of the illness. These progressions include:
  • Limiting exercises that add to ankle pain.
  • Changing from high-stress exercises (like running or tennis) to low stress exercises (like swimming or cycling) to diminish the weight on your foot and lower leg.
  • Getting in shape to decrease weight on the joints, bringing about less agony and expanded capacity.
  1. Exercise based recuperation: Explicit activities can assist increment with running of movement and adaptability, just as assist with reinforcing the muscles in your foot and lower leg. Our specialists at Port Saint Lucie can assist with fostering an individualized exercise program that addresses your issues and way of life.
  1. Assistive devices: Wearing a brace such as a lower leg foot orthosis (AFO)may assist with further resolving of the issue. Also, wearing orthotics or uniquely designed shoes with hardened bottoms and rocker bottoms can assist with limiting tension on the foot and diminishing pain and tearing.
  2. Medications: Non-steroidal mitigating drugs (NSAIDs), like ibuprofen and naproxen, can assist with lessening and eaing the pain. Also, cortisone injections are an extremely successful treatment for acutely inflamed joints. Albeit an infusion of cortisone can give relief from discomfort and decrease irritation, the impacts are usually brief.

Surgical Treatments:

Cartilage damage in ankle symptoms can be minimized through the surgical treatments as well. Specialists may suggest a medical procedure when the non surgical methods of treatment are ineffective. The sort of a medical procedure will rely upon the kind and area of the joint pain and the effect of the infection on your joints. Now and again, our physicians at St. Lucia might suggest more than one sort of a medical procedure.

  1. Arthroscopic debridement: This medical procedure might be useful in the beginning phases of joint pain. Debridement (purifying) is a system to eliminate free ligament, aroused synovial tissue, and bone prods from around the joint.
  2. Total Joint Replacement: The goal of this procedure is to recreate the ankle complex to provide a stable construct for the activities you love and enjoy doing. Through the advancement of technology and surgical techniques, these procedures can sometimes be performed in same day surgery centers

MoveWright™ Total Ankle Replacement is designed to relieve ankle arthritis pain while increasing mobility. MoveWright™ replaces damaged cartilage so the joint can move and bend more like a healthy ankle—allowing you to walk with a more normal gait. MoveWright is a total ankle replacement procedure that can be tailored fit to you, providing you with a more natural fit. And it can take half the recovery time of the traditional procedure, ankle fusion.

Each of our patients gets a state of the art CT scan performed of their foot and ankle which helps us design a surgical plan and ankle implant that is specifically unique to them and their anatomy. See one of our doctors today if you have failed conservative care measures for your ankle pain. A total ankle replacement may be in the cards for you.

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