Pes cavus foot, high arched feet treatment in the St. Lucie County, FL: Port St. Lucie (White City, River Park, Fort Pierce, Hutchinson Island) and Martin County, FL: Stuart, Port Salerno, North River Shores, Palm City, Jensen Beach, Ocean Breeze areas

Pes Cavus is the medical term that describes a person with high arched feet. It is not as common as pes planus, or flat feet, but can still cause some uncomfortable symptoms such as pain in the arch of the foot.

How to tell if you have high arches?

Evaluating the integrity of your foot arches is generally done standing up. So if your arches look high when sitting down, but fall when you stand up, you actually don’t have high arches. X-rays and other diagnostic testing performed by a podiatrist can also determine if you have high arches.

What are some symptoms of high arches?

High arched foot problems can appear with a wide range of symptoms and sequela such as arch pain in the foot, hammertoes, muscular spasms, and severe callous formation at the front of the foot. Luckily, there are many surgical and non-surgical treatment options for high arched feet that our doctors at Harlis Family Foot and Ankle specialize in.

What are some treatments for high arched feet?

Depending on symptoms, one of the best and most effective treatments is to use shoes for high arches. These include shoes with extra cushion, and sometimes extra depth. The cushion will help with shock absorption, especially if you have pain in the heels or under the metatarsal heads. Some doctors also advocate a high topped shoe to protect the lateral ankle ligaments. If conservative treatment measures don’t help, there are a wide range of surgical procedures that can be performed to make the foot more functional.

If you find yourself suffering from painful high arches and need to discuss your treatment options, please call Harlis Family Foot and Ankle, and schedule an appointment with one of our qualified physicians today!

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