A corn is an area of increased friction or shearing forces that cause an overgrowth of skin. A corn on the foot or a corn on the toe, usually is the body’s response to an underlying abnormality like a hammertoe or a prominent metatarsal.

Corn vs callus. What’s the diffe?

The medical term for “corn” is “callus”. Calluses on the foot, hands or fingers can all be caused by the same issues. People have also referred to corns as areas of overgrown skin on the digits and callouses as areas of overgrown skin elsewhere.

How to get rid of corns on feet

The best way to eliminate corns and callouses is to treat the underlying issue. For example, if you have a callous on a hammertoe because it’s rubbing against your shoes or the ground when you walk, you can wear different shoes and pad the area so it isn’t rubbing too much. If that doesn’t help, there are surgical procedures that can be performed as well. For more information on corn treatment on the feet and toes in Port St. Lucie, please call the physicians and surgeons at Harlis Family Foot and Ankle today!

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