flat feet

Painful pes planus or “flat feet pain” is an extremely common problem causing over 3 million medical visits in the US every year. Flat feet problems are treated in our practice regularly, and our doctors at Harlis Family Foot and Ankle are especially trained to do so.

What are flat feet and what causes flat feet?

A flat foot is quite simply a foot that has a collapsed arch when someone is standing up. The answer to what causes flat feet isn’t so simple, and it depends on a number of factors. But generally, developing a flat foot is gradual and can be a result of embryological development or it can result from bone remodeling due to another systemic cause. When a flat foot occurs, there are boney, muscular, and ligamentous changes that occur in the foot that allow the deformity to persist and gradually worsen.

What are some symptoms of flat feet?

In many people, flat feet are asymptomatic. However, when the feet become symptomatic, it is often characterized by inner foot arch pain, and pain when walking or performing exercise. Some lesser known flat feet symptoms and sequelae are abnormal posture and other binet adaptations like bunions and hammertoes. For instance, running with flat feet can pose a challenge, as it can make the exercise painful and even lead to hip, knee, and back problems. There are definitely some flat foot disadvantages and obstacles to overcome with having flat feet, but luckily, there is comprehensive flat feet treatment being offered right here in Port St Lucie! At Harlis Family Foot and Ankle, the physicians and surgeons are experts in treating this potentially painful issue by prescribing orthotics, physical therapy, and even performing surgery.

If you are suffering from flat feet pain, please call and book an appointment today!

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