minimally invasive surgery and recovery in the St. Lucie County, FL: Port St. Lucie (White City, River Park, Fort Pierce, Hutchinson Island) and Martin County, FL: Stuart, Port Salerno, North River Shores, Palm City, Jensen Beach, Ocean Breeze areas

The goals of any Minimally Invasive Surgery (MIS) are generally to allow a less noticeable scar and promote faster recovery times. When it comes to MIS of the Foot and Ankle, these principles still hold true. Our surgeons are minimally invasive procedure specialists at Port St. Lucie. Our commitment is to use the smallest incision possible to perform reduction and correction of deformities.

These minimally invasive procedures provide an excellent option when considering food and ankle surgery. Some benefits of minimally invasive surgery are:

  • Decreased pain following surgery
  • Decreased manipulation of soft tissues
  • Decrease in chances of infection
  • Decrease in surgical site dehiscence
  • Faster recovery times vs traditional open surgeries

What is minimally invasive surgery?

Our surgeons utilize percutaneous, micro incisions to correct a number of different foot and ankle deformities including, but not limited to: bunions, hammertoes, hallux rigidus (arthritis of the great toe), flat foot, heel spurs, and many other foot conditions. Through the use of MIS techniques, far less damage occurs to our patient’s foot, due to the decrease in tissue manipulation.

Whenever possible, we try to implement MIS techniques, however, there are instances that use of traditional, and larger incisions must be implemented. But, fear not. Our surgeons have been thoroughly trained to be able to perform surgeries using both MIS and traditional techniques, and even when we pursue traditional open techniques we always try to perform through the smallest incision possible for less invasive surgery. For more information, please consult with a podiatrist.

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