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Pediatric foot deformities is a term that incorporates a scope of conditions that might influence the bones, ligaments, and muscles of the foot in young children. Usually when parents bring in their children complaining of a delay in their child's ability to walk they use phrases such as legs that won’t walk, bowed legs of baby, flat foot baby, or walking with feet outward. And although these can be reasons for late walking in babies, there usually is a underlying medical diagnosis. But fear not at our medical facility at Port Saint Lucie, Florida, we can evaluate and diagnose the appropriate condition that might be affecting your young one.

Treatment of foot deformations in adolescents can vary greatly from that required in adults. Luckily, pediatric orthopedists who have expertise in this field can bring usable strategies explicitly created to address the particular necessities of kids, which incorporate exceptional thoughtfulness. Below are some of the foot and ankle deformities seen in chldren

Cavus Foot:

Cavus foot is a condition where the youngster has an exorbitantly high arch. By and large, the impact point of the foot is turned internal (this is known as cavo varus foot deformation). Patients experience pain and calluses on points where their feet contact the ground.

Tarsal Coalition

Kids with tarsal coalition have an unusual fusion between the bones in the midfoot or hindfoot. It is generally analyzed in late youth or early adulthood when the alliance starts to restrict foot development, causing pain and ‘locking up of the foot’. Manifestations might be especially recognizable when walking on a lopsided surface, like sand or rock, an activity that requires steady change of the foot. Routine lower leg injuries may likewise alert the presence of a coalition.

Clubfoot :

Clubfoot is a condition where the two feet are turned internal and are pointing down. Quickly evident upon childbirth, clubfoot is known to happen during intrauterine life, at somewhere in the range of 9 and 14 weeks incubation. Indeed, as a rule, the distinction is recognized on routine ultrasound. It is a lot simpler for parents to adapt and arrange for when they know ahead of time what they need to do.

Happening in around one of every 1000 births, clubfoot is routinely seen more in young men than in young ladies. Furthermore, albeit family ancestry might have an impact, numerous newborn children with clubfoot have no known relatives with the condition.

In most cases, clubfoot can be effectively treated without a medical procedure, utilizing the Ponseti strategy, which uses delicate control and correction of the feet on a weekly basis. Treatment starts not long after birth when the infant's feet are generally responsive. Following this first period of treatment, a cast is utilized over a period of time. When applied accurately, the Ponseti procedure yields incredible outcomes.

We have the expert doctors up for your help. If you have questions regarding your child's foot and ankle deformity, come see a podiatrist at Harlis Family Foot and Ankle in Port Saint Lucie, Florida.

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