Plantar Warts Treatment

Plantar warts specialist in the St. Lucie County, FL: Port St. Lucie (White City, River Park, Fort Pierce, Hutchinson Island) and Martin County, FL: Stuart, Port Salerno, North River Shores, Palm City, Jensen Beach, Ocean Breeze areas

Plantar wart is a disease that impacts the sole or the bottom part of the foot. A considerable number of individuals may have one over the course of their lives. So how do you get plantar warts? Well first we have to figure out

What causes plantar warts?

Plantar warts causes/How do you get plantar warts

A plantar wart is actually caused from a virus called Human papillomavirus (HPV) and attacks the external layer of skin on the bottoms of your feet. They occur when the infection enters your body through little cuts, breaks or other open areas on the bottoms of your feet.It thrives in warm, wet spots, and around pools. Those little puddles on top of pool tiles are an ideal spot for this infection. The contamination is passed by direct contact. We are well experienced medical specialists at Harlis Family Foot in Ankle located in Port St. Lucie who can treat the disorder of plantar warts.

Anybody can get plantar warts but usually it attacks the following populations:

  • Kids
  • Individuals who are immunocompromised
  • Individuals who have had plantar warts previously
  • Individuals who walk barefoot

Treatment of Plantar Wart:

Everyone wants to know what is the fastest way to get rid of plantar warts. We at Port St. Lucie provide high quality medical services. Our experienced physicians and doctors provide you the best available treatment. So you can rest assured that by following our guidelines your issue will be addressed in quick way.

Treatments include:

  • Salicylic acid
  • Liquid nitrogen
  • Curettage
  • Other topicals
  • Laser treatment

By far, salicylic acid and liquid nitrogen are the most generally prescribed methods. However sometimes warts become very thickened and the acids can not penetrate this thick layer of skin. This is when you need to seek the consultation of a physician so that a curettage/debridement can be performed along with these treatment modalities.

Prevention of from Plantar Wart/ Stopping the spread:

To stop the plantar mole, you might apply preventive techniques also like after strategies:

  • Persistently cover your feet in a shared neighborhood, similar to pools, extra rooms, or homes.
  • In case you have a wart, change your shoes and socks daily
  • Keep the wart covered to make an effort not to spread contamination to other people.

In case of any issue, you may consult our well experienced physicians at Harlis Family Foot and Ankle located in Port St. Lucie for treatment and additional preventive measures.

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